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COMPANY. WHO is iZone Imaging?

The leader in durable exterior and interior custom high pressure laminate signs and graphics.

iZone Imaging is the only custom high pressure laminate (CHPL) supplier in North America with a fully integrated facility. Utilizing recycled paper content we PRINT, PRESS, and FINISH in our Central Texas Plant.

  • Industry’s Shortest lead time
  • In House Manufacturing
  • Recycled Content
  • 10 year warranty (not pro-rated)

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What is iZone product?

iZone is durable, custom-imaged high pressure laminate. We term it CHPL. We make it by layering high-resolution print and melamine sheets, with a core of phenolic resin-impregnated sheets. The assembly is then pressed at high heat and pressure for an extended period of time. While still under pressure it is allowed to cool. As the melamine resin flows, it absorbs the print and all the materials are consolidated into a single panel of thermoset plastic.

What is the image material “glued to?”

It’s not glued to anything; it’s one solid piece! When pressed, the layers become a single, solidified composite, completely consolidated with the graphics. There is nothing to delaminate or come apart. This is also why the material is easy to cut and shape.

Can I use it outdoors?

Yes, iZone Imaging’s custom high pressure laminate is suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications. More steps are required to make it robust for outdoor use, so exterior material is a bit more costly. Therefore, knowing the future application of iZone CHPL could save you money.