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Custom High Pressure Laminate Production Process. We do it better than anyone else.

Custom High Pressure Laminate Production Process

1. Color Correction & Output
2. Board Layup
3. Pressing
4. Cutting & Finishing
5. UV and Vandal-Resistant Layer to Exterior Products
6. Final Quality Inspection
7. Crating & Shipping

For more than fifty years, high pressure laminate has been mass manufactured for specific markets, usually in a highly generic product range, including patterned surface material for counter tops, furniture, wall coverings, and flooring. With such a durability legacy, it makes perfect sense to create a system that utilizes this tough media, but with one-off digital print flexibility.

With a focus on the design profession, iZone Imaging can conduct workshops and presentations to educate, inform and assist designers in becoming familiar with specifying and using our products in a wide variety of applications. The employment of highly trained professionals with expertise in color management, digital imaging and image manipulation using state-of-the-art software, ensures a hands-on personal relationship with the client to achieve perfect results throughout the creative collaboration process.