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Architectural Products. Tabletops, Casework, Wall Panels, Murals.

Architectural Products

Architects and designers are tasked with creating unique spaces and branded environments with materials that are eye-catching yet can withstand high use, high traffic and retain their beauty even in extreme environments. iZone Imaging’s custom high pressure laminate (CHPL) and Signage Solutions offer unlimited design and branding opportunities with cost-effective longevity that other providers can’t match. iZone Imaging’s CHPL is completely customizable and available in a wide variety of thicknesses, making it the perfect choice for your highly branded environments.  Your colors will remain vibrant, your images can be captured with the greatest degree of detail, and your identity and wayfinding signs can be color-matched to your décor.

Our thin-grade panels may be attached to a backer material, framed for support, or attached to a vertical surface. Thicker stocks are self-supporting and are ideal for use in tabletop applications or freestanding or shaped configurations. Although maximum standard sheets are 58” x 142”, panels may be tiled to create large-scale murals. And, for a different look, elements can be surface-mounted to add dimension to your project.

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