Frequently Asked Questions

The following information is provided as a quick reference to most frequently asked questions. You are always welcome to contact our offices and speak with an Account Manager who will address any questions you have personally.

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What is iZone Imaging’s product?

iZone Imaging produces durable, custom imaged high pressure laminate. We term it CHPL. We manufacture it by layering a digital print and melamine overlays, with a core of phenolic resin-impregnated kraft paper and a balanced backer sheet. The assembly is then pressed at high heat and pressure for an extended period of time. While still under pressure it is allowed to cool. As the melamine resin flows, it permeates the digital print and all the materials are consolidated into a single panel of thermoset plastic.

What is the image material “glued to?”

It’s not glued to anything; it’s one solid piece! When pressed, the combination of material layers become a single, solidified composite, completely encapsulating the graphics. There is nothing to delaminate or come apart. This is also why the material is easy to cut, shape or machine and why it makes a highly durable interior or exterior material with a 10 year limited warranty.

Can I use it outdoors?

Yes, iZone Imaging’s CHPL is suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications. More steps are required to make it robust for outdoor use, so exterior material is a bit more costly. Therefore, knowing the appropriate application of iZone Imaging CHPL could save costs on your project.

What thicknesses are available?

  • 1/16” (0.040” actual) Has a sanded back for adhering to other substrates. Requires the support of an appropriate backer material. Typically ships untrimmed, to be adhered to the substrate by customer and then trimmed to finished size. Also available with un-sanded back for graphic panel applications within appropriate framing and support.
  • 1/8” (0.125”) Has a smooth back. Requires support of a backer material. May be mechanically attached with perimeter screws to vertical surfaces, or contained in a frame for all other applications.
  • 1/4” (0.250”) Has a smooth back. Requires support along the edges and back. May be mechanically attached with perimeter screws to vertical surfaces, or contained in a frame for all other applications.
  • 1/2” (0.5”) Has a smooth back and is structurally self-supporting. May be used for free-standing elements and shaped pieces. May be beveled on edges and either drilled and tapped or have threaded heli-coils inserted directly into the back of the material for concealed installation methods.
  • 3/4” (0.75”) Has a smooth back and is structurally self-supporting. May be used for tabletops, free-standing elements or shaped elements. May be beveled on edges and either drilled and tapped or have threaded heli-coils inserted directly into the back of the material for concealed installation methods.

What thickness should I select?

Panel thickness selection will depend on the panel mounting requirement. The rule of thumb is, 1/2” and thicker are structurally self-supporting and do not need a stiffening framework. For thicknesses less than 1/2”, panels must be captured in a frame or perimeter fastened. So, it comes down to the look you want to achieve will determine your panel thickness. Please contact iZone Imaging for further technical support for any questions.

How large of a panel can I order?

Our standard sheet size is 48”x 144”. However, sheet size up to 58” x 144” is available with slightly longer lead times. The creation of large scale wall murals has been achieved by tiling index-cut panels together.

What are the finishing options?

  • Custom Shapes
    Since our material is so “shape friendly,” we can computer-cut it to nearly any conceivable configuration. Examples are: human and animal shapes, arched panel tops, ovals, circles or free form shapes
  • Double-Faced Signs
    iZone Imaging can create single panel, monolithic double-faced signs and graphics in our 0.090” and thicker materials.
  • Honed and Shaped Edges
    Stock edges are honed and finished to a satin sheen. Our thicker materials may also be beveled, bull nosed, or machined to nearly any other edge configuration.
  • Surface Mounted Appliqués
    For a dimensional appearance, iZone Imaging can surface mount individual elements to add dimensionality to your graphics and panels.
  • Bonding to Substrates
    iZone Imaging CHPL can be bonded to a suitable substrate. Materials such as Medium Density Fibreboard (MDF) or acrylics are commonly used for this purpose.

What are the mounting options?

  • “Screw-and-Glue”
    Panels less that 1/2” thickness, which are not placed in a perimeter frame, should be securely fastened with perimeter screws and suitable silastic adhesive.
  • Threaded inserts
    Stainless steel studs may be inserted into drilled and tapped or heli-coil inserted holes in panels 1/2” or thicker, giving an appearance of no exposed fasteners.
  • Frames and Bases
    iZone Imaging will produce your signs or graphics with any number of standard frames or support structures, crafted in construction grade aluminum and powder coated in a variety of colors.
  • Custom Mounting
    Custom mounting options for ground or wall applications are too numerous to list. Contact an iZone Imaging representative to discuss 888.464.9663

How do I prepare and upload my artwork?

Download the Artwork Requirements and File Upload Instructions PDF document. It will define requirements for preparing files in the format required to ensure prompt delivery at prices quoted.

What about scans?

We prefer that you obtain your own professional scans. Download the Artwork Requirements for reference to this process.

Can I get help with layout and file preparation?

If your files are “nearly there” but you need assistance with applying colors, creating TIF files, formatting text, copy fitting, resizing of output files, or other pre-press services, we can assist you with these needs for additional fees. Although many of our customers work with their own design professionals to design and assemble production artwork, others prefer that we prepare the artwork. If you have a rough idea of your requirements, photos or illustrations and written text, iZone Imaging can take it from there for additional costs. Advice on file preparation, of course, is always given freely. Please contact an iZone Imaging representative for assistance

What is your lead-time?

Our standard lead-time is approximately three weeks from start to finish! Large or complex projects may require more time. Review your proofs as quickly as possible to avoid delaying production. We often beat our published lead time, but these are realistic assumptions for project planning. There are many separate steps involved in producing iZone Imaging products, and the more time we have, the better we can serve you.

How can I get a quote?

We need to know: how many panels, interior or exterior, sizes, surface finish, desired thickness, and any other details, such as inserts for mounting, frames or supports, shaping or special treatment. You can submit quote requests directly, or you can identify your regional sales representative in the Contact Us sections of our website.

Where do I send my files to begin a project?

There are several ways to send your files to iZone Imaging:

  • EMAIL: files under 4MB total may be sent in an email to your iZone Imaging sales person.
  • FTP: After receiving the FTP user name and password from your iZone Imaging sales person, click here to “upload file”.
  • USB drive, DVD, or Hard drive: mail your files (and proofs!) to our office in Temple TX.

How do I clean my iZone Imaging CHPL panel?

Mild soap and water is always best for general cleaning. Rinse with clean water after washing. DO NOT use abrasive cleaners, acids or acetone. They will damage the surface of the panel. Graffiti (paint, crayon, felt tip markers, etc.) can be removed using organic solvents, such as Simple Green, Goof-Off, Graffiti Solutions, or similar non-abrasive, graffiti removers. Very stubborn graffiti may require stronger solvents, such as mineral spirits or industrial grade graffiti removers. Always rinse with clean water after cleaning. Please refer to our Care and Maintenance PDF document for additional information.