Post Falls – Interactive Trail

Parks & Recreation, Case Studies

Location: Post Falls, ID
Design: Mallaurcott Design & Advertising – Tami L. Martinez

In 2013, parks and recreation director Dave Fair asked Tami Martinez, owner of Mallaurcott Design & Marketing, to redesign all the interpretive signage in Falls Park. Tami discussed the possibility of utilizing augmented reality into the design of the signs. Applying interactive features with Layar technology would allow the park user to have an interactive experience without QR codes or visible cues. On paper, and with digital samples, Layar was a success, but when the project was translated to signage, there were huge challenges for the Layar application because of climate challenges – rain, sun glare, and shadows from the nearby trees.

Mallaurcott Design & Marketing, reached out to several local and national sign vendors requesting samples and digging into researching a solution. Every sample failed and the project was almost abandoned until they tried iZone’s Custom High Pressure Laminate (CHPL). The product samples that iZone provided were put through grueling tests, and 100 percent of the time, the Exterior Matte CHPL panel performed flawlessly.