Willow Lake Recreation Area

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Location: Woodbine, IA

Design: Pulse Design, Inc.

Willow Lake Recreation Area’s trail sign in Woodbine, IA were in dire need of a serious upgrade. With hand made signs going on 20 years old it was definitely time that they be retired and replaced with all brand new custom high pressure laminate (CHPL) signage by iZone Imaging. With these new and improved custom signs and their great colorful graphics done by Pulse Design, Inc., anyone can see that Willow Lake’s trail signs got exactly the upgrade they needed, and more!

The Harrison County Conservation Board needed signs that would last many years, through many visitors, so durability of the product was a top priority for these signs. They wanted a product that would withstand any obstacle that might come with being a trail sign; such as harsh weather like rain, snow, and hot summer sun. Some of the most important aspects that intrigued the Harrison County Conservation Board about iZone Imaging’s CHPL, is the fact that it is resistant to fading and graffiti which is a key factor in having long-lasting signage that will stay looking great for years to come.