Winnick Family Children’s Zoo, Los Angeles, CA

Themed Environments, Experiential Environment, Exhibits

Location: Los Angeles, CA
Designer: Hunt Design Associates, Pasadena, CA
Fabricator: TFN Architectural Signage, Santa Ana, Ca

The Winnick Family Children’s Zoo is a two-acre corner of the Los Angeles Zoo featuring a children’s petting zoo. Visitors are greeted by informational signage designed to teach young people about animals and zoo life.

Working closely with Zoo officials, Hunt Design Associates produced colorful, easy-to-read informational signs that are strategically placed in front of animal habitats. The system of panel sizes can be configured vertically and horizontally in a number of ways. The signage provides attraction marquis, identification, and interpretive graphics, all with a bilingual component. The concept behind this innovative take is inspired by the “random access” of a web page.